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  • Add an audio file to A WordPress post

    Wizard will tell you there are shortcuts to do this but I like to have a little more control so here goes. Please note I am using Ubuntu Linux for this demo so some of the pictures might look a little different. Please also note that I am using the new Gutenburg

  • WordPress Exploit

    This weekend during ARRL Field Day I was posting to Twitter, Facebook and the club website. Toward the end of the day I was ready to upload some pictures to the gallery so I tried to log in to the site. I was told that because I had logged in too many times and failed […]

  • How do I remove the Category Title at the top of a category menu page

    In Content Management systems I like to create my pages dynamically out of posts that are categorized. In WordPress, I create a category and then I create a menu related to that category. This way I can have dynamic content and add and remove articles whenever I want without wrestling with the whole page to […]