Add an audio file to A WordPress post

Wizard will tell you there are shortcuts to do this but I like to have a little more control so here goes. Please note I am using Ubuntu Linux for this demo so some of the pictures might look a little different. Please also note that I am using the new Gutenburg

First Upload the MP3 file to the Media Library by clicking Media–>Add New from the menu.
Either Drag and Drop the audio file from your file manager or click on select file. I am clicking on Select File for this demo.
Click on the file you want to upload and open/select.
The file will upload and appear in the media library. Now you can create your post, or if you have already created your post insert the block with the mp3 file.
In your post or page you add a new block. Normally you can hover your mouse below whatever text you have on your screen and the little plus-sign-in-a-circle will appear or you can click the plus-sign-in-a-circle on the top left side of the page. You can see on my picture above that I have the little musical note on the right side with is the symbol for an audio file. That shows up because I’ve used it frequently. If it is not there when you click the little plus-sign-in-a-circle you can open up the section called common blocks and you should be able to click on the musical note, or search for a block called audio. Click it and it will change the block to an audio block.
Now that you have an audio block, you can go to your media library where you have already uploaded the mp3 file.
You will probably have more files to choose from, however you want to click on the file you uploaded at the beginning of this demo and then click select on the bottom right side of the screen.
Voila! you will have an embedded mp3 file now on your page that a user can click to play or right-click to download.
Remember, like any regular post you will want to make sure the categories have been selected on the left side of the editor, if you use categories. Make sure you are clicked on the Document Block for the categories section. Select whatever category will place this post in the correct section of your blog.






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