How do I remove the Category Title at the top of a category menu page

In Content Management systems I like to create my pages dynamically out of posts that are categorized.

In WordPress, I create a category and then I create a menu related to that category.

This way I can have dynamic content and add and remove articles whenever I want without wrestling with the whole page to get new content on that page.

The problem I keep having to remind myself, when I update a theme is how do I get rid of the Category: Category Name page title. Every time I click around and stumble and search for help on the internet to figure it out.  I want to have the tile of each post that I have created but not of the page itself, particularly not “Category: Category Name!”

Now this is no guarantee for the theme you are using, however it works for me. With the theme active, from the Dashboard menu click on Appearance –> Theme Options. On the row of tabs on that page click on the tab named General. About half way down the page you will see an option “Display Post Category” click on the toggle and set it to off. Voila! Those annoying page titles are gone. Remember to scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Options or you will end up scratching your head. Again.






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