Help My Yaesu FTM-400 Stopped Beaconing APRS

The problem started a few months ago.

My radio displays messages and reports, with directions and distances just fine but won’t beacon out my own information. I’ve monkeyed around with my settings enough so that I’m not sure what I’ve changed and how, if need be, to return to where I started.

Until I saw a post that suggested I check my squelch. Can’t be. Too simple. The radio must be broken.

Then I finally checked. The squelch settings for the two bands on this radio are set independently and it appears that is exactly what I had done. The squelch on the B band, where APRS is normally broadcast was set wide open. The radio understands that it is impolite to press the mic when there is a signal on the channel, even when that signal is just noise. So I reset the squelch (press the SQL button and turn the knob on the left of the band display) until the noise stopped. Almost immediately the radio sent out a beacon.

Dang. I checked just about every other setting except that one. The simple one. KISS.






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