Just Get Off Your Butts and Vote

What we hear and see on the media is good for selling papers (now there is an anachronism) but not completely accurate. Usually it is the folk making the most noise that get the most press while the real numbers are more difficult to discern. Using my own swing state as an example, we have a legislature that is overwhelmingly Republican, while at the same time sitting in the governor’s chair is a Democrat. Wisconsin is not alone here. In statewide races often the Democrat wins while in (perhaps gerrymandered) district races there are more Republicans. This would mean the more rational voices, and this includes traditional Republicans rather than the crazies of the Trump party, are firmly in the majority. Just get out and vote.

We have primaries starting and a very important referendum in Kansas. It is pretty clear what the, if not silent at least very quiet, majority thinks, but no one will know that if we sit at home and whine.

In the 2016 election I heard a number of people who insisted that they wanted to vote their conscience in the general election. They wanted to cast their vote for someone they believed in. Those votes siphoned off numbers that could have put the Democratic candidate over the top in 2016 and prevented 4+ years of crazy. I am all for expressing your opinion and voting your conscience. Primaries are coming. Vote your conscience in the primaries. The right is really good at team work when it comes to November. They get in line and vote for their candidate.

Herding Democrats is like herding cats. Sorry. Sometimes you may have some trouble voting “FOR” someone. If so go to the polls and vote AGAINST.

Vote your conscience during the primaries. Vote to win in the General. But in the end one thing is not an option. Get your ass out and vote.






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