Dear Senator Johnson

It was a wise senator who, in 2016, was deeply concerned about the will of the voters and the democratic process when considering the nomination of a Supreme Court justice during an election year. That Senator said in May of 2016:

“I enjoyed a very cordial meeting with Judge Garland. My advice to President Obama and the rest of my Senate colleagues has not changed. Let the American people have a voice in the composition of the Supreme Court. Instead of a lame duck president and Senate nominating and confirming, a new president and Senate – elected by the people only a few months from now – should make that important decision. I can’t think of a fairer or more democratic process.”

I would hope that same Senator exhibits this same concern for the will of the people and the democratic process this year toward the possible action of the Senate in the consideration of the selection of a replacement for the Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsberg.


Jeffrey A. Fillian






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