On our way to Vienna, Budapest, and Prague

Last stop before we embark for the tour. From time to time we complain about the horrendous traffic in Madison, the beltline, fighting students and cars during Badger football games, sitting at crosswalks between classes, the annoying politeness of Wisconsin drivers at intersections (my New York and Chicago sensibilities taught me that the right of way is something you take not give), what with the competitive waving (you go, no you go, no go ahead, its OK I’m happy waiting for you….).

Every once in a while we have to come back to Chicago to remember perspective.

From the 8th Floor of the Hyatt Regency O’Hare

When we return to Madison all of a sudden it looks positively pastoral, including the cows.

We embark on our flight this afternoon just after 4 for Amsterdam and after a 2 hour layover on to Budapest.

See you there.






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