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  • Siena – Duomo Di Siena

    Siena – Duomo Di Siena

    We are drawn to the Churches/Basilicas/Cathedrals of European Cities. When they were built the power was consolidated in the Church or at least the powerful agreed that building churches sufficed as “Opium des Volkes.” It was where the money was concentrated, the art was concentrated, and city-states exhibited their power. Nyah-Nyah-Nyah-Nyah-Nyah, my Cathedral is bigger…

  • Buongiorno, Siena

    Buongiorno, Siena

    Out for a walk this morning watching Siena wake up. #travel #italy

  • Ruby’s Door knockers

    Ruby’s Door knockers

    My wife has been fascinated by the door knockers here in Italy. Apparently it is a “thing” here in Siena. These are not the kind of thing you can get, mass produced at Home Depot. So, I present to you a selection of the door knockers we’ve seen while walking around Siena. #travel #italy #art

  • Eclipse 2024

    Eclipse 2024

    We went to Lincoln Nebraska in 2017 for the #eclipse. We thought we saw an eclipse. The sky darkened, the birds quieted, we sat in a back yard and had snacks. We didn’t see an eclipse. Today we saw an ECLIPSE. Full #totality. We set our chairs up just down the hill from the Roofless…

  • First Day

    First Day

    Finally nice enough for the driving range.

  • Cheer up

    Cheer up

    In the basement (cellar in New England) my old man had two things tacked up next to the fuse box. One was his childhood teddy bear, a little red and white homemade cloth stuffed toy with a layer of sawdust. Second, a  faded sign with a sad looking guy sitting at a bar with a…

  • Wordle in ONE today

    Wordle in ONE today

    Wordle 905 1/6 🟩🟩🟩🟩🟩

  • Madison in all it’s glory

    Madison in all it’s glory

    A rather vociferous Palestinian Protest outside the capitol and a tumult of Tubas playing Christmas Carols inside.

  • Christmas is encroaching at Chez Fillian

    Christmas is encroaching at Chez Fillian

  • There must be a story here

    There must be a story here

    This was seen on the sidewalk outside a Tesla office here in San Jose.