My Question to the Politics War Room

Al and James,

This is from the “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished” department. I won’t blame James for telling me how important it is to pony up cash to support the candidate of my choice because I’ve done it for decades, but I may create a bogus email to avoid what has become Democratic spam. I find myself vigorously agreeing with Lara Putnam and Micah L. Sifry in their NY Times opinion piece from Aug 1, “Fed Up With Democratic Emails? You’re Not the Only One.” I was so good to read someone who knows my pain. I was going to do a more scientific study of my inbox for the month but lost heart after scrolling through the 65 or so emails I got in one day (July 31) desperately begging for contributions for at least 14 different candidates from 9 different states with the winners being with 6, and and with 5 each. IN. ONE. DAY. Of course this doesn’t count at least 10 texts for the 31st and thank goodness the USPS doesn’t deliver mail on Sunday.  So, James, I give up. I’m sure my inbox is nothing compared to yours. Is there a strategy to make sense of this overload? 

Jeff Fillian, Middleton, WI

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